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by ITE
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Multi-purpose Hybrid Adhesive

GRIPiTe H80 is a one-part silicone modified polymer hybrid adhesive designed for bonding various materials such as Artificial Turf, Engineered Wood and Composite Rubber sports floors. GRIPiTe H80 is moisture curing, which makes it totally resistant to water and any residual moisture in the concrete. GRIPiTe H80 builds up tack rapidly, has very high bond strength and will prevent any delamination or breaking loose from the substrate provided there is no delamination in the substrate itself. The adhesive retains slight flexibility for its lifetime, and will not harden or break down.

GRIPiTe H80 is guaranteed to bond the flooring listed above to concrete for the lifetime of these listed products, provided installation instructions are followed.

In line with international standards, GRIPiTe H80 contains no VOC’s, is solvent-free and completely compliant with all GBCSA green building requirements, and can be used either indoors or outdoors.

Due to GRIPiTe H80 solvent-free composition it can be safely used in applications onto waterproofing systems, such as torch-ons, bitumen and acrylic. Its flexibility aids in preventing the glue-line from fracturing under low levels of expansion and contraction of the waterproofing system. Before installing over the waterproofing, consult with the manufacturers of the synthetic grass and waterproofing systems for any special precautions or specific instructions.